We are #1 in the WORLD at rebuilding turbo blowers

With over 10,000 installations worldwide, Laser Experts is your leading source for high quality, time tested overhauled turbo blowers, roots blowers, and pumps from Amada, Fanuc, and other leading manufacturers. All of our rebuilt blowers are high speed, vacuum balanced and laser performance tested to ensure they exceed OEM standards. Only Laser Experts has invested the time and money necessary to reliably rebuild blowers that exceed OEM standards, making them perform to higher standards

We are so confident in our refurbished roots blowers and turbo blowers that we offer a lifetime warranty and free Laser Super Clean service to make sure your blower and laser last and lasts. With special deals like free vacuum pumps, blower oil, and our trained customer replacement option, the savings will add up quickly. With improved part quality and technology, the highest core credits available and prices 50% below the competition, Laser Experts can’t and won’t be beaten.