S035-50 – Laser Cutting Machine


-S035-50 laser scribing machine adopts Nd:YAG laser oscillator
-Cross worktable, dual workstation vacuum acetabula and Han’s self developed control software
-S035-50 is the most popular and practical machine model in solar silicon slicing market


S035-50 laser scribing machine is widely used in the slicing of monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon solar battery and silicon wafer in solar industry; and in the cutting of fragile items, some soft metal and non-metal sheet

Laser typeYAG
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Max. laser power 50W
Beam quality M2 ≤10
Max. positionging speed150mm/s
Max. cutting speed120mm/s
Max. cutting depth0.8mm
Min. line width0.04mm
Repetition position accuracy≤0.02mm
Position accuracy≤±0.02mm
Working area350×350mm
Power consumption5kW
Power supply380V/50Hz/20A

S035-50 – Laser Cutting Samples