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Viagra - Levitra - Cialis Buy in US | Ordering Cheapest Drugs Over The Internet in America

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Use of Levitra at the age of over 65. Recommendations

Some people are in the mistaken belief that sex after 65 years old is physiologically impossible. In fact, it is not true. A man can have sex at extreme old age. Most polls state that about two thirds of the asked people at the age of 61 to 75 have said that sex is not indifferent. 58% of men confirmed that a sexual activity is very important and required.

A Leipzig psychologist «ElmerBreller» states that a sexual activity of people over 60 has been significantly increased within the past 15 years.

However, keeping a sexual drive at old age does not guarantee an active sexual life. And if women has a low libido after menopause, men have the erectile dysfunction at old age.

The erectile dysfunction is not a single disease. It happens that chronic diseases of the blood vessels and urinary system appear with aging, so that potency is reduced, and ejaculation is premature. Therefore, only 8% of men over 65 years old can regularly have sex without using additional drugs. The rest have to use stimulators.

The best stimulator for old men is Levitra.

The matter is that the manufacturers of Levitra have laid stress on the senior age group. The drug has Vardenafil that has a soft action. Each pill contains 5 mg or 10 mg Vardenafil. A dose is low but it is enough to have erection.

Moreover, this low dose starts the action gradually without loading the cardiac muscle. After the use of Levitra, the arterial pressure is not increased, and the heart rate does not grow. So, if a man has a light form of tachycardia, pancreatic diabetes, or arterial hypertension, he can take Levitra.

But as any medical products, Levitra has contraindications. And these contraindications require a special attention in men over 65 years old.

Recommendations for the use of Levitra at old age:

Do not consume alcohol and Levitra at the same day

The physical activity may increase the blood pressure and pulse

Do not take the maximal dose of Levitra 20 mg per day, leave it for young men. Consult a doctor about the dosing

Do not start the sexual intercourse right after the use of the pill. Let the drug start acting. Vardenafil may acts not actively because of some chronic diseases of the blood vessels. Therefore, you should wait for 30 minutes after the use of the pill.

Do not take Levitra if you have had a heart attack within the past 9 months. Any load on heart may be dangerous specially after infarction (a sexual intercourse is a physical activity)

If you have any chronic diseases of liver, do not take the pills every day. It will be enough to take the drug 3 times per week

Levitra does not increase libido. Unfortunately, the drug will not help men who does not have a sexual drive. But if you have a desire, but the potency is low, the drug is just for you.

If the side effects appeared after the use of Levitra, tell your doctor about it. It may be a rare occasion, and there is nothing to worry about. But if the side effects repeated, refuse from the use of Levitra. In this case, do not take the analogues (Viagra and Cialis). They do not do for men over 65.