Mobile pedal with emergency stop

  • Two front supports for sheet metal for the support of the sheets over the entire length of the machine
  • Swan neck.
  • Control and regulation of proportional pressure
  • Rear stop with servomotor drive, linear guide ball screws and manual R regulation
  • Intermediates for quick change Six-axis rear stop (X1,
  • Safety laser and CE regulations (If applicable)

Hydraulic press brake 

Standard equipment:

The PHE model press brakes are equipped with an ESA 530 CNC that is able to control the three axes (X, Y1, Y2), and allows the introduction of data and graphical library of tools in a very simple way on a digital LCD screen.

Among the main functions of the CNC control we have:

  • CNC
  • Selection between millimeters and inches
  • Work cycle in car, manual and semi-auto
  • Possibility of conical folding
  • Folding counter
  • Adjustment of Y1, Y2 (conical or parallel adjustment).
  • Servo motor with acceleration, deceleration and brake ramps on the rear stop. 


  • Monoblock frame welded and stabilized. Specially reinforced design, capable of withstanding great efforts.
  • Linear guides and intelligent hydraulic system.
  • Centralized hydraulic block with proportional valves for balancing.
  • Three speeds of folding, approach, work and backward movement.
  • Transmission of the rear stop with the maximum rigidity by ball screws.
  • Through the ESA control and the linear encoders located at the ends of the trancha we control the parallel movement in Y1, Y2, ensuring a perfect folding every time. We do not use torsion bars or mechanical stops on the pistons. It is a Synchro machine, with working accuracies up to +/- 0.01 mm in repeatability.
  • The same electro-hydraulic system keeps the tranche balanced or unbalanced to allow the bending of conical figures, to correct hardness defects or to heal the sheet calibration problems.
  • Easy data entry, example :
    • Folding tools.
    • Thickness of the sheet.
    • Folding angle.
    • Rear stop measurement.
    • Sheet metal length
    • Sheet metal hardness.